Anxiety Breakthrough Kit – Christopher Paul Jones LTD

Is your anxiety controlling you and stopping you from living your life to the fullest?
Then download the ‘Breakthrough your anxiety’ app today and you will:

○ gain a deeper understanding of what anxiety is and why you have it
○ Learn how to control your anxiety (rather than it controlling you)
○ develop the confidence to live life anxiety-free
What’s included in the app?

The app includes:
● 3 Audios – recorded in High Definition for optimal results
● Anxiety Guide Book – including techniques to move you past the stress and anxiety
● DASS Measurement Scale – to dig deeper into the elements that cause your stress and anxiety


Anxiety Journal – to track your journey from STRESS AND ANXIETY TO FREEDOM.
Sounds great, when can I expect to see results?
You will feel results quickly. Many users report that they have felt a reduction in their anxiety after the first listen to anyone of my audios. The audios are where the real change work takes place so be sure to listen to these. You can turn to this app as and when you need to, so your anxiety needs never get the better of you.