AntumID Authenticator – Jan Muyldermans

AntumID Authenticator is the commercial version of the AntumID / Digi-ID APP. Both versions are based on the technology of the DigiByte Blockchain. AntumID Authenticator is backward compatible. It’s simple to install and super easy to use. It’s optimized for usage with AntumID, OpenAntumID, Digi-ID, MyDigiPassword APP, MyDigiPassword Plug-in, MyDigiTrust Plug-in and the MyDigiPassword platform. Using 1 secure mnemonic phrase this app can safely log you in to everywhere. For sites that support AntumID (or Digi-ID) login it can directly log you in on any device as simple as clicking or scanning a QR code. For sites that don’t yet support the standard it can generate a secure unique password for each site. Passwords are not stored on your phone where they can be lost or stolen but instead generated at each request in such a way that you will always get the same password for the same site but your password will not be the same as others nor will it be the same as you get for any other site. If you want a full password manager without saving passwords, use the MyDigiPassword platform for everyday use. This version support(s) MultiChain Authentication for DigiID, AntumID, BitID, RddID. (More info at AntumID Consortium). DigiLauncher is also added for QR-CODE support for our partner PayConiq ( )