Antidote Mobile 4 – English – Druide informatique

Antidote Mobile offers rich definitions, abundant synonyms, plentiful word combinations and much more, in an elegant and efficient interface. Use powerful search engines to find rhymes, anagrams, and other fascinating links between words, even with wildcards. Display an interactive map or satellite photo of cities, countries and regions, or of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Follow smart links to detailed encyclopedia articles on Wikipedia, or to your own favorite Web resources.

From spelling to style through grammar, punctuation and history, Antidote’s guides cover all aspects of writing in English. Over 500 articles are organized in a clear tree structure with a comprehensive index and fast search.

In Discovery Mode, ask for rare words, famous people or Heritage sites, and Antidote will display them in a random sequence. Create word lists that you can review and share with friends or students. Test your lexical knowledge with the game mode: guess the name of a country, city, person and more based on their definitions, and post your results on Facebook or Twitter.

Antidote Mobile doesn’t need an Internet connection †. It is offered as a one-year renewable subscription, either by itself or as part of an Antidote+ package (Druide account required).


• Definitions (115,000 entries including 28,000 proper nouns)
• Expressions (31,000)
• Phonetic transcriptions (166,000), both in IPA and respelling
• Synonyms (1.6 million)
• Antonyms (128 000)
• Combinations (740,000, with examples)
• Semantic Fields (2.8 million links)
• Conjugation (9000 verbs)
• Families (16,000 word families, linking 71,000 words)
• Quotations (330,000)
• History (82,000 etymologies)
• Proverbs
• Integrated access to Wikipedia †
• Integrated access to 16,000 zoomable maps and satellite images †
• Links to 1600 UNESCO World Heritage sites †
• Links to Web complements (GDT, Termium, add your own) †


• Grammar
• Spelling
• Punctuation
• Style
• Typography
• Syntax
• Lexicon
• Phonetics
• History
• Business writing
• Language Matters


• Display words at random, to play the dictionary game
• Learn rare words
• Ask for names of cities, countries or famous people
• Discover the UNESCO World Heritage sites
• Read fascinating notes about the origins of words
• Ponder edifying proverbs
• Play the game of guessing a word from its definition
• Add your findings to a list of favorite words
• Study your word lists and play them in the guessing game
• Record your high scores for all game categories
• Share your scores on Facebook or Twitter †


• Responsive to all screen sizes of iPhone and iPad
• SplitView & SlideOver support
• Quick search of a word copied from another app
• Search as you type, to find words quickly
• Error-tolerant search (e.g.: eror)
• Rhyme search
• Anagram search
• Wildcard search (e.g.: lum*, c?re?)
• “Word begins with/contains/ends in” searches
• Multiword search (e.g.: wine study)
• Tap any word to look it up
• Use portrait or landscape display
• Record favorite words and articles
• Create word lists to share with friends or students
• Share any content via email or AirDrop
• Open content in another app
• Print any content
• Voice commands (e.g.: “Synonyms of joy”) †
• Siri shortcuts (e.g.: “Hey Siri, Synonyms, joy”) †
• Sync your favorites with iCloud †
• Sync your favorites with Antidote 10 & Antidote Web (with Antidote+ package) †
• All functions callable from other apps (URL scheme)

(Note: the corrector of Antidote’s desktop edition is not part of Antidote Mobile.)

(† Internet access only required for marked functions above.)