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Honestly, don’t you think you can sketch Mandala on your own? And with the right touch, your Mandalas will be PERFECT?
Don’t you find yourself thinking “If I only had the RIGHT skills to heal myself”? Doodle by yourself to ENHANCE the aspects of anxiety and stress relieves?
Wouldn’t you prefer PERSONAL, ONE-ON-ONE guidance for creating your personal Mandals, over the boring routine of ONLY coloring them?
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This app allows you to become the best version of yourself. It is a method of stripping away the layers of conditioning that you have taken on throughout your life and that does not serve you. It allows you to heal past hurts or traumas by learning with the great tutorials. Taken to the next level, Mandalas Tutorials are powerful enough for the expansion of consciousness.
When engaged with very deeply or regularly, you begin to delve into the subconscious mind, bringing any nasties lurking there up to the surface one by one for healing and releasing Anti-Stress Graphic Design App will help you express your creativity and a great way to relax.
Doodle, and enjoy making beautiful symmetric kaleidoscope patterns, mosaics, fractals, sacred geometry, and other geometric works of art.
We have tried to make a great collection so that the app can be suitable for all audiences. On the one hand, you will find mandalas for children, but on the other hand, you will also find many mandala Tutorials for adults, so that you can relax while watching and learning how to create mandalas on your own, with which you will obtain some impressive results.

With this app, you can learn creativity.
You will be able to create mandalas of all kinds in just a few simple steps after watching tutorials.
Do you prefer colorful drawings for kids and symmetric mandalas or more abstract geometric ones? GOT YOU!
This app will teach you to define the shape, texture, colors and details that you want in your Mandala. Easy symmetry pattern art is an excellent form of color therapy. Best tutorials so you can make something truly unique and can Build content layer by layer, to gradually express the inner feelings and forces of your soul is a lot of stress and anxiety in the modern world. Our app will help you to make mandala by yourself and relax and escape from the daily rush.
Easy stress reliever makes you relax and mindful
Keeps you away from depression, anxiety.
Makes you relax for stress management
It’s one of the most relaxing app for learning coloring mandalas for adults, children and the whole family you can install, with lots of beautiful and creative tutorials. Anti Stress Graphic Design App is a meditative, simple, fun and addicting application.
Mandala is the Sanskrit word meaning circle and completion. It is a visual aid for concentration, creating a sacred space for introspective meditation and art therapy. By strategically combining circles, triangles, and other geometric forms they represent the cosmos metaphysically and symbolically.
Here are the features of the best Anti Stress Graphic Design App
– The app has 12 video tutorials which teaches you techniques step by step of how to draw mandalas. how to form the necessary grid, then the shapes and the final outcome.
– Learn to add Layers and Custom Images from tutorials
– Includes: Henna, paisley, tattoo, sacred geometry, spiral, ornament stickers and much more.
– Learn Kaleidoscope friendly patterns
This free anti stress graphic app for everyone is a perfect application to have fun by learning through unique interactive art design tutorials.

DISCLAIMER: This app is meant to be used as a reference only. Please consult with your doctor for any medical advise.