Annanow Shops – Annanow Group AG

Annanow as a platform digitizes all last-mile deliveries. Customer’s desires can be gratified instantly and everywhere.

Registered partners of Annanow can use our App to give all their employees the possibility to create orders/ deliveries on the last mile.
Your inhouse order and delivery process will become more efficient.
All orders will be completed within 60 minutes!

You can easily register your store on!/shop or if you have further questions, please write to

How does it work?

You create the order via the ‘Annanow Shops’ app.
Within 10min you will receive a confirmation with QR code for your courier. Print confirmation and hand over the goods.
Less than 60 minutes later: The customer receives the goods and you receive a delivery confirmation.

Win-Win with Annanow

Your customer
– fast and insured delivery
– live shipment tracking with tracking app
– supports local businesses
– instant gratification

Your business
– additional service for your customers or for your company
– stand out from the competition
– efficient utilization of your courier
– no additional costs or obligations

– more orders and income
– increasing efficiency through route deliveries
– simple user tool
– direct integration through interfaces