Animals Clan Tour – Hayk Arakelyan

Welcome to a long and interesting tour. In this game you can meet 5 characters: horse John, spider Lucas, shark William, rock Oliver, and bird Emily.
At first sight you may think that the main character is one of these 5 characters. But there is a character that has the main role. It’s the Soul.

Your goal is to bring the Soul to the finish line. That way you can save the other souls. During this tour you will pass many difficulties, but it will get more and more challenging and interesting.

30 unique levels!

Horse John and bird Emily
The horse is the most loved one from our players. It runs so beautifully, so gorgeous. The bird helps him to convert pegasus and fly passing all difficulties. To make the horse fly you need to catch a wings sign.

Rock Oliver
This stone is rolling so easily, it helps 4 friends to pass many difficult parts and it has much more power than others and helps the soul to get the desired place with confidence.

Shark William
Shark helps the friends to swim and pass small lakes. The brave shark can pass underwater difficulties and transfer the soul through the water.

Spider Lucas
As if all of that weren’t enough, you can also pass traps by the spider. It has totally different possibilities. After horse most loved hero is the spider.

Have a good time.

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