Animal Escape Game from Zoo 3D – Muhammed Fatih Aksu

Can you help animals to escape from zoo?

It’s a brain test game! You must create strategy to animals breakout from the zoo.

– Only people above a certain intelligence level can finish this game!
– Do you trust your intelligence? How smart are you
– Here is your chance to prove!
– Chapters getting harder and harder!
– Don’t get caught by obstacles and guards! Draw the right path and send the animals one by one. When they reach the target, you have passed this difficult level!
– Help animals like cat, dog, elephant, giraffe, penguin, lion, deer to escape from the zoo!

How To Play

+ You have to create a master plan to escape animals from the zoo.
+ Draw a line from 3 animals to the cross check mark in the game and help to escaping.
+ After tap on the screen to move the animals one by one.
+ Don’t forgot your cute animals to break out from the zoo.
+ If 3 of animals not reach cross check mark then level getting
failed means animals are busted! Reload and play again.
you have to think again and make escape plan.
+ You have to be careful for obstacles like lights and guards etc.

Game feature

+ Beautiful 3D Animals and Environment Design.
+ Escape game contains unique levels.
+ Train your brain with Animals Escape Game.
+ Hard to master.
+ Unique Escape Game.