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Use the animal block puzzle to relax and train your brain!

A block puzzle made of “animals”,
Train your brain at your own pace!
It’s a simple game but very fun.

The definitive version of BLOCK PUZZLE, which is very popular with adults and children!
Let’s play while relaxing!

The rules are simple!

Drag the animal block and place it in the box.
If you fill it vertically and horizontally, the blocks will disappear and the animals will jump!

Let’s arrange the animals and aim for a high score.

You can get new animal pieces and backgrounds by pulling on the ” animal gacha”.
Set your favorite wallpaper and customize it.
Collect coins and try to collect them.

This game has no time limit.
Play carefully at your own pace.
Even if you quit during the puzzle, you can continue playing.
You can also see the latest score graph from the clear screen.

The “animal block puzzle” that anyone can enjoy is free to play.

Online environment is recommended
You can also play offline.
Let’s train hard every day

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