AndyBooksX – Andy Bettis

AndyBooksX is an updated version of the popular AndyBooks apps for Mac and iOS.

It’s an easy to use bookkeeping app, ideal for personal use or for clubs, small businesses or the self-employed. Accounts are presented clearly & cleanly and entering and editing information is kept simple & efficient.

Entries are classified into categories, you define the ones you want and can have as many as you like. Categories can be used to filter or sort entries and sub totals can be shown for each. Entries can also have reference numbers or identifiers, making it easy to find them and to provide another method of grouping them together. Regular or repeating entries can be used to set up presets, making similar entries quick & easy to add.

The app can display entries in date order, sorted into categories, or as a statement with a running balance. It can also show the category sub totals on their own, or entries with references grouped together.

The display can filter entries, either by start and end dates or selecting just a single category. Or both! A sub total is calculated for the filtered display.

You can have several account files within the app. Each file can contain entries with any date or be limited to a single year, starting on any date. You can easily generate follow-on files for subsequent years with the start date & starting balance automatically set up. Files can be archived within the app, preventing them from being edited but allowing you to view and print them.

Reports can be generated for any format of display or filtering, and then printed, copied, or exported in a format suitable for spreadsheets, word processors, and databases.

Accounts can be imported from AndyBooks apps running on the Mac or iOS, or from other devices running AndyBooksX.