Anasthon – EBM Corporation

The official app of EBM Corporation.
“Anasthon” is an application for converting the record of surgical training using the EBM simulators and the amount of practice into Anasthon Miles, managing it, and publishing it as a public ranking.

1. Earn Anasthon miles in the app when you purchase a product from the EBM.
2. Once Anasthon miles have been earned, participants can redeem them for their favorite Trophy.
3. Trophy is associated with the amount of practice and is a commendation / commemorative function that indicates the degree of achievement.
4. The earned Trophy is open to the public and gives you a relative understanding of your training volume.
5. All cumulative Anasthon Milage after registering this app will be accumulated as Lifetime miles and published as the world training ranking.

Basic functions of the app
● Training amount ranking
The ranking of training in the world is displayed. This ranking will be published in world rankings, country rankings, regional rankings, and other attribute rankings based on monthly Miles earned, Lifetime Miles, and trophies earned.

● What’s new
We will inform you of the latest information such as surgical training products from EBM and events related to surgical training by push notification.

Earn Anasthon miles when you purchase products and train atEBM. When miles are accumulated, Trophy will be distributed according to the achievements.