Analog-Your Film Roll Notebook – Carlos Kevin

Still writing down your camera settings on a piece of paper? Analog provides a better way for you, film photographers.

With a single tap, the location info, time you took the photo is automatically recorded.

By streamlining your input of lens, aperture and shutter speed data, Analog also helps you focus more on taking great pictures. Just lock the screen and continue with the next frame, Analog will take care of your data.

When you get your film developed, you may want to learn from your work, or simply, just share on social media with photo data included. Analog is also a great tool if you want to look back and see the settings for a specific frame of your roll. Go to your desired frame quickly with a slide control, or go to the next frame with a tap/swipe.

This is a personal project, so if you have ANY suggestions or bug report, reach me out at:, I’ll be glad to hear back from you.