Analog Time – Belong Enterprises Pty Ltd

The task of learning analog time, an essential life skill, can be daunting, particularly for those with special needs, but with constant skill testing our app ensures progress and challenge without overwhelm.

Our unique clock face features synchronised hands that’s combined with constant audio to reinforce learning and communicate appropriate time language skills. Users and their team can record the audio prompts – parent, carer, teacher – to maximise interest for younger users.

Learning analog time is an undervalued life skill. Understanding time helps develop maths skills and leads to assisting with time management skills. Learners of all ages benefit from having daily learning goals that ultimately help to create a life long work ethic. You can never start too early and this is especially true for those with learning challenges. Learning to learn takes time and commitment and our app has been designed to alleviate some of this burden for parents and carers.

This app features multiple learning modes that allows users to explore and learn a vast range of skills that come with learning analog time. Our learning modes offer structure, exploration, and challenging exercises to keep our users thinking.

All ability role modelling
Record your own prompts to engage your users
Stats recording and around the globe top students leader board to encourage goal setting and further learning
Customised clock to simplify learning
Repetition to help engrave skills with 5 different learning modes
Self paced learning for engagement without overwhelm
Continual testing ensures knowledge retention and challenge without parental input
The maths of time explained to encourage understanding and further learning

Accessible to parents, carers and teachers
User time notifications to encourage independent learning and alert parents when pre arranged study times haven’t been met
Reward certificate printing to encourage further learning