Amygoz – Bakoola Corporation

Amygoz is a FREE social networking app. Amygoz lets you to connect with your friends and find great inspirational people. Just Log In and start connecting

New to Amygoz? It’s easy to get started.
* Install Amygoz App
* Provide basic information about yourself. Remember to provide real information. Amygoz keeps user quality and experience very high.
* Upload your beautiful photos
* Find people near you
* Find inspirational people you can follow
* Connect with your friends
* Post photos
* Post status


* Tell your friends and the public what you are up to
* Tell everyone what you think of news and current events
* Share photos and status update in text

Express Yourself

* Show your beautiful pictures in the post and profile. Your friends can comment and get inspired your photos.

Why you use Amygoz
* No sharing of misinformation or propaganda links
* Follow only people that inspire you you

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