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Enjoin and Get offers for new member, variety of recommended items. That have been selected according to your specific lifestyle and interests

Easy to shop Amway product with New Normal Style Download Application and Shop now!

Find a variety of promotions, Don’t miss out on winning a special discount code for your first order. Limited time deals and discounts New updates every day And great deals

Amway Click offers a wide variety of payment systems and is safe to be assured of every purchase.
All Amway products Satisfaction guaranteed Not satisfied, willing to refund * (Conditions are as specified by the company)

Features of the app

– Show results properly According to user level
– Login no longer have to remember complicated passwords with OTP login via SMS and social media login up to 4 channels: Line, Facebook, G-mail and Apple ID.
– Find products, use the right product filters to quickly access the desired product information to effectively close the deal.
– Also confirm the security of private access. Two layers of security through: Face ID, Touch ID and PIN Code.
– Easy access to operations from 5 main menus.
– Product recommendations based on your interests
– Quick access to the desired product information to effectively close the deal. Search for products through a variety of filters.
– More convenient to apply and order SOP
– Easily manage all your personal information from the My Account menu.
-Easily organize multiple baskets downline at the same time and clearly show PV / BV that will receive every basket And can also turn off the function as you like
– Slip shopping And manage business without interruption anywhere, anytime
– Various payment methods such as credit / debit card payments Bank transfer Payment over counter service And payment at all Amway Shops

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