Amsterdam Restaurant Guide – EoF Europe B.V.

This quick and easy app directs you to the best food & drink in Amsterdam. From fine dining to burgers and beer, this app has it all covered with its 240 recommendations.

The most authoritative and up-to-date guide to the best food and drink in Amsterdam. Discover 200 of Amsterdam’s best food and drink spots, hand-picked by Elizabeth Auerbach, an independent expert you can trust. This app is completely free of any marketing, PR, sponsoring, advertising, and it does not use your data for commercial purposes. Simply navigate through 24 categories, each with a top 10, and find your next great meal or a good place for a drink. From fine dining to burgers and beer, this app contains recommendations for every wallet.

– 24 categories, each with a top 10. Categories include Best Italian, Best Gastronomic, Best Vegetarian, Best Cocktails, Best Wine Bar, Best Middle-Eastern, Best Seafood, Best Food Shopping, Best Japanese and more
– Each recommendation comes with an introduction by Elizabeth, photos, up-to-date opening hours, social media links, directions and tools to book easily from your phone
– Useful map: find restaurants & bars near your location.
– Search function
– Favorites: save your favorite restaurant, bars & food shops
– Each recommendation comes with a feedback function

This app uses your location to help direct you to a restaurant, bar or shop. If you deny the app access to your location, this feature will not work.