Amrapali Spot – Amrapali Industries Limited

Amrapali Spot is specially designed for traders who are doing commodity trading, providing platform to traders who trade in bullion as well as to physical
purchase pre-defined weight of gold / silver coin (1 gram, 2 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram, 20 gram, and 50 gram).

It is a trading application, which contains Dashboard, Order book, Trade book, Net position, Coin wallet.

1) Dashboard : Live rates of bullion and coins.
2) Order book : Contains order entries (Approved order, in-process order, and rejected orders) can be bullion order or coin order, user can also modified in-process
3) Trade book : Contains order list that has been approved by market.
4) Net Position : Contains total list of order that has been already traded in market.
5) Coin wallet : Similar to Trade book by just displaying coin list that has been bought by user.

Not to miss the specialized and resourceful Bullion Industry, which incorporates online selling of coins ranging from 1 gm to 1000 gms with PAN India home delivery. Bullion Market has opened its doors to success and the deal is sweetened by the factor that Amrapali deals in all of these sectors, while having imports of bullion as the prominent focus in the last 14 years, Having the clearing and Corporate Membership of MCX, NCDEX, Amrapali receives its true joy in expanding its Bullion market parameters.

*Surpassing Noteworthy Milestones*

– 1992 – Amrapali Capital and Finance Service Ltd. (ACFSL)
– 1996 – Entered into imports of precious metals.
– 1998 – Acquired 70% of market share pan India marking its presence in the Bullion market.
– 2008 – Launched own Digital Platform for Bullion Trading named Amrapali SPOT – A strategic and optimized interface where bullion markets can be gauged and invested without any hassle.

*Innovating To Lead*

With a pledge of pursing excellence, Amrapali has become one of the most trusted names in the real estate industry. Not only this, with a journey of over three decades now, Amrapali Gujarat has even crossed high standards of accomplishments in diversified corporate fields, With a motto of reaching the infinite, in the late 80`s as a result of the great vision of Mr. Yashwant Thakkar and Mr. Rashmikant Thakkar, Amrapali Synthetic Pvt. Ltd. was born and created ripples in the Yard industry. With a very firm metamorphosis and technological advancements, the company grew manifolds and a public offering was released which is know as Amrapali Industries Ltd. (Year – 1994). Later, moving as step forward towards versatility, the company made its foray into the mining industry and mines were acquired at Gujarat and Rajasthan. We pride overselves in offering projects and rendering services of the highest professional level. This is achieved by maintaining close contact between the partners and the clients operations.

With an influential team of experts, multiple and diverse achievements from Amrapali Gujarat have stated a distinguished benchmark, Research and Development that is amalgamated together to provide quality results its the major reason why the name is a preferred choice by the customers.