AMPS Connect – Anasazi Medical Payment Solutions, Inc.

AMPS is committed to enhancing the member experience by providing a high-level of visibility and transparency to our Clients and their Members. AMPS Connect provides tools at the Members’ fingertips like ‘Balance Billing’ that allows for easy insight into Members billing disputes, should they arise. AMPS Connect also provides other exciting tools like ‘Find Provider’ and ‘Procedure Shopper’ that gives Members the opportunity to search for the best healthcare services for them and their families.

• Balance Billing Insight
The ‘Balance Billing’ tool provides support at your fingertips, allowing a transparent view into any Members billing disputes, should they arise. “The ability to easily upload any Balance Bills and communication received from a Medical Provider for quick communication to our Member Advocacy team.

• Find a Provider
Locate “Friendly” Providers in your requested location. You can also search by Provider Name, type, specialty, and gender. Providers are scored based on AMPS previous billing experience and member satisfaction.

• Care Navigation Assistance
Members can utilize the ‘Procedure Shopper’ to help facilitate access to our Care Navigation team. Care Navigators work with Providers that are directly contracted to offer transparent, bundled pricing on planned elective medical procedures — such as a knee or hip replacement, shoulder arthroscopy, high cost imaging (MRI, CT, PET scans) and colonoscopies.