Ample – Net worth tracker – Valuevest

Our wealth is scattered across many accounts, having multiple investments and income streams is a great thing but keeping track of it is a major pain point for most people. Use Ample to quickly get a consolidated view of all your wealth in one place so it is never lost.

Using Ample will not only keep you abreast with its latest status but also help you make important decisions on your investments, debt and insurances. Here are some of the many features of the Ample app:

Track all your Investments, Assets, Debt and Insurance, in one place
– Get a consolidated view of your entire wealth in one place.
– Know where your money is and make better decisions on your investments, debt & insurance.

Safe transfer to Beneficiary
– Conversations about money with family is hard. People usually don’t share the details of their wealth for the fear of being judged or getting unsolicited advice. But this makes it difficult for your wealth to transition to your family when something unexpected happens, such as an accident or death. Billions of dollars are lost this way across the world.
– Add a beneficiary to receive your portfolio, if your account becomes inactive for a certain period of time. Be at ease knowing that your wealth is now secured.

Simple and intuitive user interface for fast entry
– With simple and intuitive user interface tracking your net worth is now very easy
- Never lose track of your wealth
-Update the values as you go.
-Archive them when you sell the asset or exit the investment.

Get the latest portfolio values automatically
– We have integrated with thousands of financial institutions across many countries. Connect bank and investment accounts to get the latest values automatically

Summarised view
– Get a summarised view of the current status of your wealth across all asset classes

Support all major currencies and crypto
– Ample supports all major currencies and crypto assets