Amigo: Friends. Groups. Chats. – Paa Adu

Amigo allows you to meet new people outside of Zoom lectures and remote clubs, and make meaningful connections.

It was designed for you to meet your classmates, even remotely, whether your group needs a fourth online Catan player, you’re looking for a tennis partner, or you just want to meet people in your college class while you’re at home.

First, you’ll create your individual profile – adding fun pictures, a short bio, your interests, and more. Then, if you’re up for it, you can create “shared” group profiles with your friends! You can turn these profiles on and off as you wish.

For each one of your profiles, you’ll get a feed tailored to your filters. You’ll be able to browse through individuals and groups from your school and send them message requests.

Your profile(s) will appear to your classmates and you’ll receive message requests from them, which you can choose to respond to or not!