ambleGene – Nikhil Raj Devarajan

ambleGene is a social media platform for the travel freaks across the world. It helps bring the traveller in you closer to the people with similar interests and the things you love. Connect with friends and chat with them, share videos and photos of travel or related niche or see what’s new from other travellers all over the world. Share how you feel being wanderlust!!

Post Photos & Videos on Feed
Upload photos from your phone library or take pictures straight from your camera and share them with your followers. You can post videos or photo updates from the travel moments in your life. Get notified when someone likes or comments on your post.

Write blogs or upload blogs, post them and view others blog content. Add more effect to your blogs with images and also you can view other blogs, share, like, comment, and add to favorite the blogs uploaded by others. 

Know the events happening around. Create Events and share/invite for the Events or join upcoming Events in your circle

ambleGene Story
Share your Story of the day (24hrs) with live videos or photos or check the stories from the people you are following, reply to them, download or comment the stories instead of posting them on the Feed.

WORLD, everything available like images, videos, blogs or events at one place. Upload your video clips and get discovered on World. You can discover, watch, like, comment, and interact with all contents in a dedicated space in World.