Ambience Hours: Relax, Sleep – JaeYoung Kim

Focusing on immersive videos and sounds will help you sleep, relax, work, and study.

Key features:
50+ free ambience videos
Sound designed in three dimensions
Heavy rain and spring rain, thunder and lightning, rivers and lakes, deep forests, bonfires and fireplaces, cafes, beaches, waterfalls, cities such as New York and Paris, onboard airplanes, and underwater
Sleep timer, background play, download play

Get a good night’s sleep while listening to the sound of the rain.
Relax with the sounds of birds in the deep forest.
Feel the atmosphere of working at your destination while listening to the sound of a terrace cafe in Paris, France.
Fall asleep while listening to the sound of owls and crickets around the deep night lake shore.
Feel like you’re lying on an emerald beach lined with palm trees.
Change your mood by listening to the rain falling on the green park lawn.
Relieve your stress by gazing at the sound of burning firewood.
Immerse yourself in the night scenery and sounds of New York and feel like you’ve been traveling.
Relive the excitement of your trip as you hear the crew’s guidance and the noise around the plane on your flight to Paris, France.
Feel the feeling of floating on a surfboard in the Hawaiian waters at sunset.