Amazing Care Assist – Health Care Intellytics LLC

Our mobile app AmazingCareAssist would like to receive data related to the following fields from Apple HealthKit: 
steps, distance, calories,, calories.basal, activity, height, weight, heart rate,blood glucose, temperature, insulin, nutrition.sodium,blood pressure, body temperature, resp rate, fat percentage, gender, nutrition, oxygen saturation .

The above data collected by the mobile app AmazingCareAssist will be sent to the AmazingCareAssist server and stored as associated data of the patient. The Doctors of the Amazing Care Clinic through the browser-based dashboard ( will have access to the above data corresponding to the patient. The above data fields and values are displayed in a graphical form in the dashboard so that the Doctor can see the progression of symptoms related to the patient condition. Based on the above data, the Doctor will decide the next set of medical actions. Essentially, in Amazing Care Clinic practice, the above data field values will influence the treatment options related to that patient. As mentioned elsewhere, the access to the above data fields and values is restricted to need-to-know basis. Only the authorized Doctors will have access to the above data fields and values.