AmarnaNW – Nina Carr

Are you tired of paying and subscribing to different apps for diets, weight loss, and wellness counseling? Delete them all because nutrition, exercise, & wellness coaching have never been more convenient and affordable. AmarnaNW is a one-stop-shop for it all; whether you’re a health professional or just someone looking for a lifestyle change, we have the knowledge and tools to help you succeed. Many medical providers trust AmarnaNW because our meal plans are created by registered dietitians & nutritionists. With the app’s fitness feature, you can customize exercises and routines to your needs by searching the database of nearly 1,000 exercise videos containing specific information about each exercise movement and the ability to view and plan your workout schedule. The app also provides an option to exchange, add or bar-code scan foods and view & manage your meal plan in list form for shopping. There’s even a log screen to keep a food and exercise journal, and it will sync with supported wearables fitness devices. You can keep track of your weight changes and goals with the tracking feature and seek assistance from our counselors and coaches with the messaging feature or connect directly for a 1:1 session via video Telehealth. AmarnaNW offers more than a diet and exercise plan. It provides a lifestyle change customized to you!
App Features
Customized Meal Plan
Customized Exercise Plan
Inspirational/Motivational/Educational Notifications & Videos
Telehealth Virtual Meeting

Exercise Details – displays specific information about each exercise movement. 
Exercise Database – Search the database of nearly 1,000 exercise videos.
Calendar View – Use the calendar to view and plan your workout schedule.
Build Exercise Routines – Your coach can build routines for a single day or multiple days/weeks.
Delivering Exercise Routines – There are four options to access your exercise plan.
AmarnaNW mobile app
Online via Personal Profile Web Portal
My Meals screen – your plan is displayed with options to exchange foods for preferences
Grocery List screen – view and manage your healthy food list for shopping
My Log screen –keep a food and exercise journal, sync with supported wearable devices
My Goal screen –keep track of your weight changes and goals
Today screen –gives you a summary of today’s activities and totals
Messaging – send private messages to your coach/counselor
Bar Code Scanner –add custom foods from nutritional labels
Syncing –automatically syncs with your web dashboard account and wearable devices
Apple Watch
Apple Healthkit
Fitbit Wearables
Fitbit Aria Home Health Scale
Moveband by Movable
Garmin Vivosmart, Vivofit, Vivifit jr. and Vivosport wearable trackers

*Use your Apple Health Kit to log, track and count your daily steps automatically. Activating Apple Health allows you to automatically track and record your daily steps to your cloud profile. To enable automatic syncing with Apple Health, login to your profile, go to Settings >Optional>, and activate “Enable Apple Watch Sync” (Only available on iOS devices).