ALWAYSON SHOW is the most innovative digital extension of a trade show. 

1. Discover new brands to love every day!
2.Browse through their collections!
3. Compare similar products and decide which one You want!
4. Make your choices!
5. Contact your favourite brands and place your order!

1. Build brand awareness 
2. Be discovered by new buyers every day, 365 days a year
3. Deal with your buyers privately

AlwaysOn Show app is very easy to use and helps buyers and brands of the fashion system, coming from all over the word, in their daily work.Discover through AlwaysOn Show in 3 different ways and with 3 different goals:
1. Public search, open to everyone, useful for brand awareness and for buyers who want to understand better what is in the app. 
2. Research reserved to certified buyers only; this part is reserved only to buyers that are registered on the platform and it lets them to see prices of the products and to contact the brands.
3. Private rooms; this part is the most private one. Each brand has the possibility to upload their products in a closed showroom. All interested buyers can send the request to access and each brand has the possibility to accept or refuse the request, and deal directly with the buyers they want.