AlTujjar – Al Tujjar

AlTujjar is located in the heart of Kuwait City where everything is easily available. It is also the birthplace of Kuwaiti innovation and hard work. Through a merchant past and moving into a modern urbanization, AlTujjar is a reflection of how old Kuwait is revived, standing on the very grounds that had helped shape what it means to be a business owner in the desert.
-A streamlined app available to our members and some features to our guests designed for convenience and ease of use
-Explore our member’s directory and get to know other members in the community.
-Book your meetings, pay your rent, schedule office cleaning and many more services available through AlTujjar App
-Conveniently order from restaurants and convenience stores in AlTujjar building.
-Stay up to date with news, updates, and events happening at AlTujjar
-Connect and collaborate with AlTujjar community through the chat feature
-and many more