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Alphabee is an investment centric application which facilitates long-term wealth creation. Here you can watch, analyses, invest, save and grow your money by making calculative investment decisions. We serve our users by educating them through our extensive research and blogs called “Alpha notes” on the financial world.

Brief highlights on our features…

IPO: – get the latest info on upcoming, Recently closed and Live IPOs.

NEWS: – Catch-up with the latest news of the market.

Collections:- Check-out our handpicked collections of stock like Blue-chip, Sector-leaders, Electric Vehicle leaders and many more.

Investors: – This feature allows you to look at the portfolios of the most prominent investors like rakesh jhunjhunwala, vijay kedia and many more and see where they have invested.

Top Funds: – Look at the investments made by the FII and DII See where these big sharks have invested their money.