Alperton – Weather Elements – Romulus Tudor

Alperton watch app

Our Watch app is task driven, there is a one glance landing page followed by task screens. Each page answers a question, like tomorrow’s weather, what does it feel like out there, or get me a few day overlook. Precipitation forecast and probabilities, and a tech details area. You flow through these easily, the information is readable.

More good news, just swipe left/right, sometimes scroll down, for easy navigation.

Min requirements:

-watchOS 5.2 and later

-Apple Watch 3 series and higher

Alperton iPhone&iPad app

Our Alperton iPhone & iPad app is built as one glance gets all [the weather essentials].

Best as a weather companion app, for one user who would not go through menu items and shortcut keys to find, for example, the atmospheric pressure, but if that is there in easy view, one would observe it and link it with other elements like likelihood of rain/storm.

The information flows to you.

Moon phases / cycle in full description and as percentage, 0% for New Moon, 25 % for First Quarter, 50% for Full Moon, etc, back to 0%.

The location (locality + postcode, + country, as appropriate) of where you are.

The sunrise time for early joggers, sunset.

Rain precipitation chance and barometer hourly variation readings, ready for your own barometer based forecast models

Technical details and / or weather alerts

App’s widget in today’s view

One place for all: date, day of the week, am or pm, location and outside temperature, ideal for when you wake up and not sure where (in time & on earth) you are.

Min requirements:

– iOS 12 and later

– iPhone 5s/SE and higher

– watchOS 5.2 and later

– Apple Watch 3 series and higher