Ally Home Care – Ally Home Care LLC

A simple and easy to use app to verify your location at the time of care, manage your shifts, view visit history, view and print pay stubs, and manage your information.

* EVV – Electronic Visit Verification – Made EASY *
Just clock-in and out and we automatically verify your location.

* Clock-In Made Simple *
Select an upcoming visit or one of your care recipients and with a single tap, you are clocked-in.

* Efficient Clock-Out *
Record visit details on an easy to use screen. Select activities performed, report on the care recipient’s performance, and even collect a signature from this easy to use clock-out screen.

* Manage Shifts *
Your upcoming shifts are listed in a clean, easy to manage interface.

* View Shift History *
View details on any shift you’ve worked, from any date.

* View Pay Statements *
Pay stubs and payment details are available to view and print from any period, with a single tap.

* We Are Here For You *
If you have any questions or comments, or if you need assistance, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!