Allstream MaX – Allstream USA

With Allstream MaX UC, you can take control of your home or office telephony services on any device, wherever you are.

Key features:

– High quality audio optimized for both Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G connections.
– Collaborative meetings with up to 200 participants, allowing screen share, recording, and integration with office room systems.
– Chat on any device to others in your business, with messages synced across your devices so you can pick up the conversation any time.
– Seamless, one-click uplift of calls or chats to a full Meeting for those spontaneous collaboration sessions.
– Flexibility to take a call or meeting on your laptop or mobile, and switch mid-call if you need to.
– Powerful voicemail control with alerts, transcriptions of your received messages, and visual voicemail management.
– Realtime presence from your business contacts to help you get in touch at the right time, and custom presence to help others reach you.

NOTE: Your Allstream service may not offer all features listed or may require you to pay additional subscription charges to access certain features. Contact Allstream sales for information. Allstream MaX also requires data or Wi-Fi access. Use of these services may incur additional charges.