Allora – Julian Boyko

Plan out your day in one simple app. With Allora you are able to plan out your week in advance or just focus on each day as you go through them. You are able to plan out each hour to each minute of your day or you can choose to only schedule the important tasks.

Allora’s inspiration comes from Andy Frisella’s “Power Planner” technique to help you achieve your goals, solidify habits and progress throughout your days to ensure you have a productive week.

Allora allows you to schedule 0-5 “must do” tasks called “Imperative Tasks”. This allows you to stay focused on the important things throughout your day. Once all Imperative Tasks have been completed, then you have “Won The Day”. The goal is to try and win the day, everyday. Allora keeps you accountable by allowing you to track what you need to get done as the day progresses.

Additionally, Allora gives structure to your life to help individuals who may need a slight push or a simple tool in place to help them become more organized.

– Schedule tasks throughout your day by the minute or hour
– Plan out your entire week
– Create imperative tasks to outline the important things that need to get done
– Create templates for days in your routine that remain relatively the same