Allgood Waitlist – LONG NGUYEN

Allgood Waitlist is a waitlist/appointment management system. This system will help customers/clients join the waitlist easier, and faster with text message notifications. It helps restaurants manage the waitlist better and more efficiently, easy to use. No more papers or hustle. Keep good relationships with customers, improve customer satisfaction, get more customers in line with less stress, serve more, and get more repeat customers.
Application features:
– Using the app to manage the waitlist and notify customers with text messages
– Add customers to the waitlist using Ipad or Tablet
– Sync across devices
– Can be used on Computer, Ipad or Tablet
– Intuitive interface for manage
– Reservation/Togo is included to use
– Smart system to estimate waiting time
– Auto text estimated waiting time when the system can estimate
– Alert host when he/she needs to text customers estimated waiting time
– List/Map switch used for restaurants to manage better
– Customers can remove their names. stop texts easily with the reply message feature.