AllCare Travel (ACT) – Sophy SEM

AllCare Travel is the first Mobile Application in Cambodia that capable of searching and booking a Flight(s) Ticket online. It is a free mobile application which initially launch will require user name and password to login in as cooperated partner user and we will release as public for all users soon enough later.
-It will take only a few clicks away from checking your prefer Flight(s) to Booking it for your travelling.
-Offer the best price of Flight Ticket depart from Cambodia to the Globe and local flight as we are a BSP agent which enable us be able to issue Flight Ticket directly with Airlines
-Fast and Easy to use with useful functions including Sort, Filter, Summary and more.
-Booking List is a feature that we will store all your completed Booking Flights and you can check and follow up it any time later.
-Notification is a feature that will keep you update with your Booking Flights.
-Promotion is a feature where you can see all available best offers Flight Ticket.