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We always want to take care of users who gets stuck in inconvenient Unit converters available in web, So finally we have covered all aspects of User experience and convenience.

Unit Converting App is not that hard. It actually takes a little bit of memorization plus a small amount of multiplication skills to get the job done. In fact, it is easier to use a all in one app of calculator for this one as long as you know the actual process of converting one unit of measurement to another.

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Very simple and beautifully designed unit converter online with 16 major categories and all units:


Length :
µm, mm, cm, dm, mm, inch, inch(1/n), ft, ft inch, yd, mile, km, NM

Area :
mm², cm², m², in², ft², yd², acre, a, ha, km², Gunta, Cent(dismil)

µg, mg, g, kg, lb(pound), oz, grain, tonne, ton(UK), stone(UK), carat, tola, ratti

Volume :
ml(cc), dl, l, cm³, dm³, m³, in³, ft³, yd³, gal(UK), gal(US), pt(UK), pt(US), fl oz(US), brass


Currency :

Temperature :
°C, °F, °K, °R, °Rè

Time :
ms, sec, min, hour, day, week, month, year

Speed :
m/s, ft/s, m/min, ft/min, km/min, km/h, mi/h(mph), knot, mach, Beaufort, min/km, min/mile


Pressure :
atm, Pa, hPa(mbar), kPa, MPa, bar, kgf/cm², kgf/m², psi(lbf/in²), ksi, mmHg(torr), inchHg, mmH2O, cmH2O, inchH2O

Force :
dyn, N, daN, kN, gf, kgf, lbf,kip

Work :
J, kJ, cal, kcal(Cal), kW·h, kgf·m, in·lbf, ft·lbf, BTU

Power :
W, kW, MW, kcal/s, kcal/h, HP, PS, BTU/h, TR, dBm


Angle :
rad, deg(°), min(‘), sec(“), deg min sec, grad, %, circle, 6400 mil, 6000 mil

Data :
bit, Byte, kB, KiB, MiB, GiB, TiB, PiB, kbit/s, Mbit/s, Gbit/s, packet, block

Fuel :
km/l, mi/l, km/gal(US), mi/gal(US), mi/gal(UK), l/100km

Cooking :
ml(cc), teaspoon, tablespoon, cup(US), cup(UK), cup(metric), fl oz(US), fl oz(UK), pt(US), pt(UK), gram[flour]

There are times when individuals overlook the correct discussion proportion, and because of which, they trade things and figure units wrongly. This is when online change devices become an integral factor.