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Aggregator of the marketplace of applications for special equipment, building materials throughout Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan.

More than 1500 performers registered on the website and in mobile applications.

Up to 500 applications for special equipment services per day. Collection of applications from all popular platforms and chats in Russia.

If you need to rent, buy special equipment, as well as buy spare parts for special equipment and deliver building materials, then the “All Special Equipment” application will help you – leave orders and receive calls from interested suppliers and our logisticians.

To enter the application, you need to go through a simple registration on the site which will not take a minute.

When registering, you must specify the area of ​​interest and cities in the settings in order to receive targeted applications.

After logging into your account, you will be able to see active applications.

You can create your own application, after which all subscribed to this area and city, suppliers will see it.

To answer, just go to the application of interest and make an offer on it, about which we will also notify the creator of the application.

Use the convenient service – All Special Equipment
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What directions are presented:
Sale of special equipment
Buy aerial platform
Buy truck crane
Buy concrete paver
Buy a concrete pump
Buy bitumen truck
Buy a bulldozer
Buy grader
Buy skating rink
Buy scrap truck
Buy manipulator
Buy mixer
Buy a loader
Buy pile driver
Buy a dump truck
Buy a tractor
Buy trawl
Buy a cement truck
Buy an excavator
Buy a tow truck
Buy yamobur
Rent of special equipment
Aerial platform rental
Truck crane rental
Rent of concrete pumps
Rent of concrete pavers
Bitumen tanker rental
Rent of bulldozers
Rent of graders
Grapple rental
Rent of hydraulic breakers and pile drivers
Road construction equipment rental
Rent of quarry equipment
Rent of skating rinks
Utility vehicle rental
Manipulator rental
Mixers rental
Garbage truck rental
Loader rental
Tipper rental
Construction equipment rental
Rent of tractors
Trawl rental
Rent of cement trucks
Rent of tow trucks
Excavator rental
Yamoburo rent
Special equipment services
Truck crane services
Manipulator services
Dump Truck Services
Tractor services
Excavator services
Yamobur services
Spare parts for special equipment
Spare parts for concrete mixer truck
Spare parts for aerial platform
Truck crane parts
Spare parts for asphalt paver
Spare parts for bulldozers
Spare parts for swamp vehicles
Spare parts for concrete pumps
Spare parts for all-terrain vehicles
Spare parts for hydraulic breakers
Spare parts for graders
Spare parts for road milling machines
Spare parts for rollers
Spare parts for KDM
Spare parts for manipulators
Spare parts for forklifts
Spare parts for dump trucks
Spare parts for tractors
Pipelayer Parts
Excavator parts
Spare parts for yamoburov
Delivery of building materials
Reinforcement and rolled metal
Concrete and reinforced concrete
Expanded clay
Organic fertilizers
Foam blocks
Peat and black soil
Cement and dry mixes
Crushed stone and gravel

As well as other areas that relate to the work of special equipment. More than 5000 suppliers, join us!