Alinma Tadawul – Alinma Investmnet

We are pleased to offer you the new free App of Alinma Tadawul.
Alinma Tadawul is an easy and secure way for market transactions and services, available for all customers of E-Channels services of Alinma Investment Brokerage Division. You can access your portfolios with the same internet username and password.

The features of this application are:
• Fingerprint access.
• New layout design.
• Trade station.
• MF watch list.
• MF subscription.
• MF redemption.
• Updated KYC.
• General enhancement.
• Orders created in mobile can be changed / viewed from Alinma Tadawul and vice versa
• Portfolio inquiries.
• Displaying Account Types in “Fund Transfer” page
• Order inquiries
• Stock quotes (based on customer’s subscription – live or delayed)
• Watch list management
• View quick quote
• View market index and index change value to the application header
• Ability to watch sectors symbols
• Show Symbol best Offers, Bids & Trades
• Show position details like owned quantity, average price & loss/profit
• View your Portfolio Details

For more information, visit Alinma Investment Site or call toll-free 8004413333