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Welcome to the new Aliento App!

You can now manage all of your studio bookings from the convenience of your mobile device.

This easy to use App enables you to view availability, book, reschedule, waitlist or cancel any of your Aliento appointments, view promotions, access the studio’s location and contact details and receive important Aliento notifications to your mobile. You can also click straight through, from this App, to our social pages.

When establishing your account on the App, use the email address previously provided to the Aliento team to help us synchronise your current studio account with your new App account. Enjoy!

Highlights of the Aliento offer;


• Low-impact, full-body workout with less percussive impact and joint stress than many traditional gym workouts.
• Powered Pilates (Powertone & Easytone) provide customised workouts to meet individual needs.
• Designed by Sports Physiologists to improve flexibility, strength, mobility, posture, balance and fitness.
• Increase core strength and reduce pain and misalignment throughout the body.


• Combines treadmill & vacuum treatment to target stubborn fat in the tummy, hips, thighs and buttocks.
• Increase metabolism, lose weight, improve skin tone and circulation.
• Up to 3x more efficient at burning lower body fat than traditional cardio exercise.


• Dry heat sauna plus massage – simulates the effects of exercise and massage to support weight loss, reduce pain, relieve stress and ease insomnia.

Aliento is the perfect alternative to traditional gyms for women aged 15 to 80+. Call (03) 9764 1110 for further information or visit