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Alien Gains is an app that uses comprehensive workouts and provides selected guides based on individual goals. Throughout my fitness journey, I’m always being approached and asked how I achieve my results. This guide is my answer to that and works for you and your schedule whether you exercise 3 or 5 days a week. If you need to adapt your plan half way through to meet your dietary or fitness goal, that’s absolutely fine. The Alien Gains programme is flexible where you need it and should be used as a tool to your advantage.

A digital training guide means you can say goodbye to keeping track of your progress on paper. The app allows you to record your reps, sets, weights lifted and record your exercise time using sophisticated tracking. This information is stored and held on your device so you can always come back to it and see your progress with ease. Another feature you can enjoy is the notes section – giving you space to write down additional information for yourself around a particular exercise, movement, or just to tell yourself you crushed it!

Meal Plans Catered To You
You will see a description and breakdown of each meal with it’s macronutrient information as well as cooking instructions, recommended servings and a shopping list for your items. New goals? Feel free to switch up your meal plan and have it show recipes that are in line with this.

Workout Programmes Designed For You
Divided into 3 and 5 day splits, the guides are flexible yet specific enough to work with your lifestyle. You can choose between programmes that help you increase muscle size or shred fat to gain that sculpted physique. Tools that allow you to track your personal best, view workout history, time reps and sets, track your PB and ongoing performance are all at the touch of a button.

– Alien Gains is free to download. Ongoing use requires an active subscription. This is available to purchase for monthly, quarterly or annual plans.
– Your subscription will renew automatically unless canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. There is no increase in pricing when renewing.
– By creating an account you agree to the T&Cs which can be found here: