Alien Dimension – AR Education – Oussema Ksontini

Learning science has never been more fun with Augmented Reality!

Junior Network’s Educative Augmented Reality app Alien dimension offers various courses in sciences within a dynamic learning environment enhanced with Augmented Reality technology.

Learn with interactive high-resolution 3D graphics and multilingual descriptions, available in text and audio.

The scientific content is developed and accredited by prominent teachers and reputed academic institutions in Tunisia to provide you with enriching educational content.

This mobile application works imperatively with Augmented Reality (AR) learning cards.
For each learning experience, you can order your AR learning cards here (link) and download Alien Dimension mobile app for free to access the AR experience.

This AR App forms part of a major collaboration between Junior Network , SAT (Astronomical Society of Tunisia) and other partners to mark the development of a new digitized learning methodology.

Bring realistic and detailed visuals to enhance your learning experience in various scientific fields using cutting edge Augmented Reality technology.

Navigate with the AR learning cards in an environment full of interactive 3D models.

Move, scale and rotate the model, for an easier and more detailed navigation.

Use the information buttons to reveal text and audio descriptions, and other special features. Enjoy a clear, concise and precise textual and audio description available in Arabic, French and English.

Take and share photos of the objects in your room, home or school.

We recommend you first run this experience on Wi-Fi.

1. Be Safe
When you’re using the Alien Dimension AR application, please make sure that you are in a safe environment.
Don’t use the AR experience while walking or driving and be aware of your surroundings!

Children may start playing without taking time to think about relevant safety requirements and when they get excited they often forget to be aware of obstacles and hazards in their surroundings. Therefore, an adult needs to be present to ensure that children aged less than 10 are safe when using the Alien Dimension AR application.

Also, don’t use the Alien Dimension AR application if you have a medical condition that may affect you when using it or if you consumed anything that may affect your balance. In any case, stop using the AR experience immediately if you feel nausea, dizziness or any disorientation.

2. Terms

By downloading and using the Alien Dimension AR application, you agree to the Terms of Use for Junior Network services [link] and to the Alien Dimension AR application Terms of Use [link:Alien Dimension AR T&C’s]

The AR experience uses online identifiers to provide Junior Network with general statistics.

The Alien dimension AR experience is for your personal, non-business use only.
/*No commercial use of the AR experience or any content made available within is permitted.*/