Alhanayen – Digi-Sol – F.Z.E

Alhanayen is food ordering application.
Now You Can Order Your Alhanayen and we deliver it right into your door step its Huge Market Palace.
At Alhanayen our Main Target is User Satisfaction. All our professional Shops are background checked and verified to Grant User Satisfaction.

The restaurant was well received by customers, that another restaurant was opened two years after. Since then, the company has grown to what it is now with a number of branches all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company’s goals are clear and shared by all the staff who is considered to be team members. They represent our biggest asset and are trained to meet the standards of Customer Satisfaction at all times.

Our modest success has been due to a clear vision based on strategic planning, timely execution and determination to perform the best service at all times in all areas.