Algebra Touch: All Ages – Sean Berry

Don’t keep forcing yourself to learn algebra in a way that fails you.

“I’m 48. I’ve wanted to learn Algebra my whole life. Tried all kinds of books, to no avail. Your app works for me. I’m so excited. A whole new world opens up.” – Sally G

Algebra Touch is a supplemental learning aid that gives you the power to play with algebra directly… and we make it impossible to make mistakes.

Poke around freely. Did it react how you thought it would? No? Well then, time to update your internal model of understanding and try again. That’s how people learn.

“Seriously awesome app. I am a professional math and physics instructor for middle schoolers thru college students and adults. Have used your app with a number of my students …. And it was like magic. The visual and kinesthetic approach to “moving math” is so powerful!”

Interactive, custom interface for each algebra lesson
Randomly generated practice problems – as many as you could want!
Challenge mode at the end of each module to really test your understanding
Instructional videos for more in-depth explanations
Create your own problems to tinker and push the limit

Algebra Touch is highly visual and interactive, so the best way to see what it’s about is to try it.

“With this app, the author has successfully made algebra beautiful. I really wish this app existed when I was studying algebra 25 years ago.” –

Over 1 million downloads worldwide! (including the old version)

Current material covers:
Simplification, Like Terms, Commutativity, Order of Operations, Factorization, Prime Numbers, Elimination, Isolation, Variables, One step Equations, Two step equations. Variables on both sides of the Equation, Distribution, Factoring Out, Exponent Product Rule, and Exponent Quotient Rule.

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