Alexis Almighty (Premium) – Jetdogs Oy

Chronos – the merciless God of time plans a devastating attack on Greece, but he knows that he cannot put his cruel plan in action with Hercules in his way! In an attempt to get rid of his adversary, Chronos casts a powerful spell on him… Dark magic ages the immortal hero, taking away his might and vigor.

As his last resort, Hercules, deprived of his divine strength, takes the last leap of faith and throws his magic hammer through the time portal… A hero who will find it will inherit all of Hercules’ power and will have the ability to defeat the evil God!

The hammer is found by none other than Alexis – a teenage daughter of the hero himself! The brave girl knows that she is the only one who can save the world, so she grabs the hammer and sets off on a dangerous battle with the God of time. There is no time to lose: the clock is ticking!

Game Features:
● A brand new look on the classic gameplay!
● New enemies to fight and locations to explore!
● Breathtaking story full of twists and turns!
● Bonus levels to play and hidden puzzles to solve!
● Travel through portals to different dimensions!