Album Player by Linnet – Lin Feng

1. Album video
An album video contains multiple songs and may be played for hours. For example AirSupply Greatest Hits Full Album contains 14 songs.

2. The App Album Player will play the album video with the functions: track/song list, select any song to play, move to the previous or the next song, repeat a song, shuffle. And this app plays YouTube album videos only.

3. This app plays YouTube videos only.

4. How to play an album video,
If you want to play an album video:
1. Go To YouTube, after playing the album video, click ‘Share’ icon;
2. In the share menu, select ‘Album Player’ app.
Then the App will start to play the forwarded album video.

The App is a third party app, and developed with YouTube. All the video contents are provided by YouTube services

YouTube and the YouTube logo, trademark, and trade dress are registered trademarks owned by Google Inc.

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