Alasam School – Wafi Saadi

This app is specialized for schools, student administration and online lessons
. It contains many features that allow the administration to follow all the details. There are three sections in the application. The administration section. This section is dedicated only to administration and control of all details, students, teachers, and lessons

The second section, the professor’s department, through these tools, which the professor can grant the application through
Upload, record and broadcast lessons directly.

Communicate with students and have complete control over the course of lessons and communicate
The third section is for students. We made sure that the application is suitable for all students and very easy to deal with. A student can deal with the application is wonderful and easy.
It allows the student to follow lessons, communicate, ask questions, and more

This application is the following
1: You can enter school students
2: Follow the lessons
3: Communicate with the professor safely
4: Answer the questions
5: Jobs exams

the professor :
1: Upload and record lessons
2: Communicate with students
3: Managing the classroom and students in a form
4: Follow up on jobs and exams