Alarmi – Your Safe – Ralf Andrae

“Alarmi” guards your valuables on the beach, in the sauna and in all other places where you can’t or don’t want to have your iPhone with you.

Beach idyll with towel, umbrella and lots of sand: But who is watching your cell phone, your car keys or your wallet?

“Alarmi” is a small, easy-to-use alarm app that guards your valuables. Alarmi detects movement, generates an alarm sound, and sends you a notification on your Apple Watch.

Here’s how “Alarmi” works in detail:
The app works completely in the background. Once you close “Alarmi” and your iPhone is locked, the motion sensor is activated after an adjustable delay time. The GPS system works at this time with a low accuracy to save your battery. As soon as “Alarmi” detects movement (the sensitivity is adjustable) the accuracy of the GPS system is increased, the coordinates are stored and an alarm is triggered.

You can set the behavior when your iPhone moves:

Alarm 1 – “iPhone only”.
“Alarmi” generates a distinctive, very loud alarm sound on your iPhone. This sound will be emitted for 30 seconds. If the iPhone continues to register movements after this alarm message, the alarm tone will continue to be emitted. The alarm tone can only be switched off by unlocking the iPhone, starting the app and deactivating the alarm.

Alarm 2 – “Apple Watch only”.
With this alarm, the iPhone remains silent. However, motion data is stored in your iCloud account and – if you have an Apple Watch – transferred to your watch. The Apple Watch will notify you of the alarm with a push message. When you tap the push message, the Alarmi app starts on your Apple Watch and you can see the location on the map. Of course, you can also start navigation to the current iPhone location.

Alarm 3 – “iPhone & Apple Watch”
Alarm 3 is a combination of Alarm 1 and Alarm 2, so it will sound an alarm on your iPhone and you will receive a notification on your Apple Watch.

Note: The Apple Watch app included in the iPhone app is a so-called “Independent Watch App”. This means that it works completely independently of your iPhone. To receive alert messages, the Apple Watch does not need radio contact with your iPhone and can therefore be located at a great distance from the iPhone. In this case, however, an Apple Watch with Cellular chip and activated eSim is required.

Data security: The communication between your iPhone and your Apple Watch takes place via your iCloud account. Your iPhone and your Apple Watch must therefore be logged into iCloud with an identical Apple ID and “iCloud Drive” must be activated in the settings. If communication between iPhone and Apple Watch is not possible, you will receive a notice to fix the error. Since the data is stored encrypted in a private area of your iCloud account, no one but you will have access to the location data. No data is transferred or stored to any other location. You can delete location data stored in your iCloud account in the iPhone app and in the Watch app. In this case, the location data generated by “Alarmi” will be completely deleted.

For notifications about bugs and suggestions for new features, use the contact address stored in the App Store. We look forward to your feedback and help you quickly with questions about “Alarmi”.