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You got it right? We have thousands of videos for you. Get videos as per your preference and language right on your feed. Also, watch videos of your followings and like, comment, share them. Create your own video with hundreds of tools and filters and share it with the world.

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Share your Profile QR code Keep your favorite video, sounds, and hashtags. Use advanced video editing tools.

Enjoy filters and frames for different events.

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Multilingual Support:

We know the feeling of the native language. ALAP allows users to use the app in their own language as we support multiple languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, etc. So never compromise on entertainment. Advanced Reporting:

Help us keep the platform safe and usable for everyone. With ALAP’s advanced report you can report any user, video, message, comment to us and we will look into it. Making the platform user-friendly is our utmost priority.

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