AjoPro – Rakoomi Inc

AjoPro™ is a social money app that allows users to get cash from their community, without interests, and without credit checks!

AjoPro™ uses, Social Money concept to map resources from people to people based on needs, trust, and time value.

AjoPro™ is owned by Rakoomi Inc. A technology company founded and registered in Manitoba in 2016.

AjoPro™ started in Manitoba before spreading across Canada with the aim of helping the immigrant community to have access to capital at no cost, and develop good financial management habits. It is based on a centuries-old system of building peer-to-peer, self-funding program popularly known as ROSCA (Rotating Savings and Credit Association). With AjoPro™, everything is online, whenever and wherever works for you. Pricing is fair, and there are no hidden fees. You do not pay for saving money on AjoPro™, rather, we reward you for doing so. And unlike the traditional self-funding program, the company focuses on user experience and engaging with its community every step of the way.