Airtender – Airtender

Airtender® is the world’s first source of powered air for kitchen & bar. Next level vacuum and powerful air pressure, all in one compact device. Be sure to get the most out of your Airtender® with the official Airtender® app .

Create custom programs for your Airtender® and achieve maximum creativity. Access the accessories database, get creative with expert guides on next level vacuum & air applications. Wine aeration, marinade injection, culinary foams and cocktail layering to name but a few. Connect with Bluetooth to remotely control and always keep your Airtender® updated. Use the the integrated Aquasensor wizard to keep your Airtender® opearating at maximum performance.

Airtender® and the official Airtender® app, for maximum taste & minimum waste.


FULL ACCESSORY DATABASE: Explore and learn all about the official Airtender® accessories and be the first to know about new Airtender® innovations.

EXPERT CREATIVE GUIDES: Get inspired and create wonderful, professional results with the expert guides on wine, cooking, cocktails & baking

CUSTOM MODES: Make and save your own Airtender® preferred programs using (a combination of) vacuum and positive air pressure.

FULL REMOTE CONTROL: Mirror your Airtender® controls on your mobile device via Bluetooth to control and monitor it remotely

AQUASENSOR WIZARD: Protect your AIrtender® from the nr 1 enemy of vacuum devices: liquids. The Aquasensor will detect watery liquids and help you retain maximum device health through the app maintenance wizard.

FIRMWARE UPDATES: Always keep your Airtender® up to date with the latest operating system through the in-app software update process.

DEMO MODE: Experience Airtender® without the device. Explore the accessories, browse through applications and guides for creative inspriation. Create programs and save them for future use.