Airside: Digital Identity – Airside Mobile LLC

Join the nearly 9,000,000 travelers that already trust Airside to keep their information safe with its strong encryption technology and innovative, decentralized architecture.

• Stay Safe: Choose a touchless way to share your IDs (and soon, your lab test results)
• Save Time: Leave your documents at home and breeze through lines at the airport and more
• Secure Your Data: Determine with whom, why, and for how long to share your IDs – and remove permission at anytime

The Airside app is compatible with devices with iOS 13.0 or later.

How It Works:
– Add and verify your IDs
– Choose your Service
– Track you Activities

Airside cannot access or sell information collected and transmitted on the Airside app. We will continue to add new services to our Airside app, always maintaining our user-controlled, consent-based approach built with leading privacy policies and data security.

With this launch of the Airside app and its ongoing iterations to introduce more features and functionalities, we commit to ensuring individuals stay safe, save time, and share personal information only on their terms.

Don’t have a device with iOS 13.0 or later? Go to your System Preferences, then click Software Update to check for updates.

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