Airppt – Ilya Oskin

“Oh, my God, I’ve got a presentation tomorrow!! I’m not happy with my slides… I’m not happy with my storytelling…. What shall I do?!”

You can go half-ready but … better rely on Airppt. It turns your slides into storytelling performance. And you spend a lot less time to prepare

Not all mind expanding substances are illegal. Let’s see how Airppt works:

STEP 1. Upload your PowerPoint presentation to Airppt

STEP 2. Pimp your slides with storytelling assistants – helpers. Each helper fits its own situation we struggle so often:

To break the ice choose COUNTDOWN PICTURES
To open dialogue – BIG EARS
To sell idea – ELEVADER PITCH
To question the answers – Q&A PEPPER
To calm down noisy – VOICE METER
To sum up the gist – VACUUM MASK
To take a break – ZEN BREAK etc etc

There are two ways of using helpers – add in advance or fire up when you need (like bullets from the gun)

STEP 3. Connect Airppt to your laptop via link (as simple as in Zoom). You can show presentation on big screen & you can share link with anybody outside

You are ready. Use your smartphone as a clicker and enjoy your best presentation

Genius is 1% inspiration. And 99% subscription
Please subscribe to Airppt if you like it. We invest your money in new helpers & features. It depends on you if it comes true

Your grateful Airppteam