Airport Jam 3D – Haavard Moland

Bad weather is on the way, and you are the air traffic controller and need to clear the airport of airplanes as fast as possible. They are placed somewhat tricky, and you need to avoid crashing. When the time runs out, you must have cleared the space of all airplanes, or you will fail. Will you be able to solve this tricky parking puzzle and get all the planes back out on the runway and up into the air?

Beware, the planes move at differend speeds, depending on type, so you will need to take this into consideration as well. If you send of a slow plane, directly followed by a jetplane, they will crash on the runway.

Try to empty each airfield for jets, jumbos, cessnas and other planes as soon as you can to earn as much XP as possible. The faster you clear a level, the more XP you will recieve. Who will be at the top of the leaderboard in the end?

In Airport Jam 3D – Air Traffic Controller you will need to use logic and quick thinking to be able to solve the game`s many levels. The graphic is sweet looking, with constantly different weather conditions. Sometimes you will also experience night time puzzle solving. You need to have the correct timing and presicion if you want to clear the airfield. If the planes crash when they reach the runway, you`ll fail, so you need to be careful to send them one at a time, but still hurry up before the clock reaches zero seconds.

Airport Jam 3D features:
* Tons of challenging levels
* Easy gameplay
* Great looking graphics
* Airplane sounds
* Leaderboard
* Airplanes with different speed

So download today and see how many airports you`re able to clear before it starts getting really difficult! The game is suitable for all ages!